Work in Development

Using acrobatics, aerial hoop, hand balance and cyr wheel, SOROR is a powerful new circus show tackling the precarious relationships between strength and sexuality, presentation and performance, sabotage and sisterhood.
The show explores how women lift one another up, and knock each other down, using circus and dance as a physical representation of strength and identity.
SOROR is about female relationships, and how we navigate the world as women. It explores some adult themes and may contain some strong language. The combination of circus and movement is exciting and engaging with real risk and high skill level.
SOROR is suitable for older children and young adults.

SOROR was conceived by Zoe Jones and is directed by choreographer Ella Robson Guilfoyle.

We have been in conversations throughout the process with interested venues and supporters (Deda Derby, Underbelly). We are continuing to seek out collaborations with interested parties by sending out our promotional material, information about the show etc.

Current state of project

Our first Grants for the Arts funding allowed us to do 3 weeks of R&D in August 2016 and a subsequent showing at Jacksons Lane in September 2016. Our second GFTA allowed us to do 1 week of development leading up to 2 WIP showings in March 2017 at Hull Truck Theatre as part of the Women of the World Festival. June: 2 weeks creation/finalising the show
September/October: Begin short tour of the UK

Looking for
Co-commissioning, Production Support, Rehearsal Space, Tour Booking Advice

Development time, Space in kind, Advice around tour booking

Set / rigging & technical details

We require:
- a single load-bearing point rated at 1 tonne
- smooth, even (no rake) marley dance floor, or wooden dance floor
- sound/lights
- microphone

Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
4hr get-in / 1.5 hour get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour