Scottee: Risk

Work in Development

Circus and shagging are not too dissimilar. You do everything you can to the warrant the attention of your audience, flirting with the fear of rejection, teasing each other with false endings, warming up to the moment you take the plunge and reveal yourself.

Risk is a show directed by Scottee that reveals the relationship between sexuality, risk and circus - clumsily but carefully aligned to its coloration with that moment before a trick is revealed.
We think this show is a series of monologues and performances from those who often say nothing on stage. Audience members watch from under duvets in beds and piles of mattresses litter the space. 

We think the show will explore ideas of unwarranted sexual attention, HIV infection, rape and shame.

Risk is a show that explores the reason behind the attraction to risk, its aftermath, the acceptance and consequence.

Scottee isn't a circus performer or director. Risk will be his first introduction into contemporary circus (although he often collaborates with circus performers in his work within his cabaret work). Scottee's work is heavily based in socially engaged practice - we proposed the idea for him to direct a circus show both for his own artistic development, because the art form felt right in terms of the themes we are wanting to explore, but also to provide circus performers with an opportunity to devise and develop work with socially engaged intention.

Current state of project

We have so far engaged with the Roundhouse & The Albany as partners. We have confirmed a second R&D period with support from The Albany and have penciled the show to premier at The Albany as part of CircusFest18. We have so far had a very initial R&D phase in association with Lab:time at NCCA & The Albany. Our time initially developing Risk at NCCA was invaluable. Being able to quickly learn circus terminology, safety, warm up and technique was a good basis in moving forward and creating my first circus show. Being able to pair the expertise of the artists, Molly and NCCA staff with my performance making background meant we made some very beauty, soft, subtle work that explored queerness, and the affects of homophobia, sexual assault and drug abuse on the body in an art form rooted in ability and risk.
Our closed sharing allowed us to share these ideas with great feedback - people thought the work was honest, comfortable and looked forward to seeing the next stage of the process.

Looking for
Co-commissioning, Development Time, Production Support, Residency Advice

Co-Commissioning, Pre-Bookings, Rehearsal Space

Set / rigging & technical details

3 points to support: Rope, Silks, Straps

Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour