RM Digital Theatre: Natalie Inside Out

Work in Development

Natalie Inside Out is a collaboration between digital artist Mark Morreau and handbalancer Natalie Reckert which combines live performance with digital technology and video projection.
The shared fascination of the collaborators is in revealing the unseen to the audience; making explicit the workings – visible and invisible, mental and physical - of the performer’s body. We combine the descriptive performance elements of Natalie’s recent works with Mark’s close-up slow-motion videography, together with biological sensors, infrared and x-ray vision and video projection to create this new work.
We explore the relationship between live and mediatised performance: between movement as observed by the audience at distance, and movement shown to the audience via the camera in extreme close up. We draw the spectator in closer to what is happening on the skin of the body, on the immediate outside of the performer.
We are interested in the inside of the performer: using sensors and exploring visualisation methods we show the audience the performer’s body temperature, brain activity, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar levels, muscle tension, and other biological markers to make explicit the ‘work’ involved in doing a handstand.

Natalie Inside Out is not a demonstration, or a scientific experiment, but an exposition of the feelings of uncanniness generated as Natalie faces her inner self. Natalie Inside Out is reflective, humorous, and human.

Current state of project

We are part of the "Developed With..." strand at The Lowry, in partnership with them from early 2017 to spring 2018.
They are supporting our professional development as artists, and helping to support the creation of Natalie Inside Out. We will be working together to identify dramaturgial, technical, directorial, choregraphic, digital and production collaborators.
We have also had a conversation with The Lyric, Bridport, about using their theatre for R&D and production development.
We have had:
A period of R&D (Labtime Squared at JL) followed by a series of individual conversations with people who came to the R&D showings.
Extensive conversation with The Lowry about future development.

March 2017 - 4 weeks R&D
April 2017 - 1 week presentation preparation
April 2017 - Canvas Presentation
April 2017 onwards: tour booking
Autumn 2017 - rehearsal and show development
Early 2018 - Production and premiere at The Lowry followed by tour.

Looking for
Co-commissioning, Funding Advice, Pre-bookings, Production Support, Rehearsal Space, Tour Booking Advice

Set / rigging & technical details

No set as such.
Props are one handstand table and one ordinary table.
Large projection screen / cyc.
White floor preferred.

Video projectors - two main ones - one mounted directly above stage pointing downwards on to stage and one conventionally casting image onto rear wall.

Mix of Recorded and Live
Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
Same day get in/get out after show
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour