PanGottic: Long Shot

Work in Development

In 2015 we previewed our new indoor show Long Shot as part of Currency Festival, an annual festival of experimental European work that blurs the borders between dance, performance art and contemporary circus.
Long Shot is a stripped back circus performance where the audience is in charge. This show pushes the boundaries of how much risk the audience can bear, or be willing to create, by placing the routine and repetition of a highly skilled juggler in the same room as extreme unpredictability.

Long Shot is designed for small scale and rural touring. It has a flexible format, and is suitable for a variety of spaces. The show is 45 minutes, followed by a 30 minute performative ‘making of’ presentation.

Current state of project

We have had bookings/co-commission discussions with Bristol Circus City, The Pound Arts Centre and Deda, Derby.
We have 30 minutes of the show which we premiered in 2015.
Rehearsals planned throughout September and October 2017.

Looking for
Co-commissioning, Development Time, Pre-bookings

Pre-bookings, co-commissions

Set / rigging & technical details

Flexible staging. No rigging required. Self contained for lights and sound.

Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
9 hours get-in / 2 hours get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour