Ockham's Razor: Threads

Ideas Stage Work

A piece for two physical performers, one live musician, 12 intricate layers of clothing and 99 meters of rope

“In the spring and summer I watched my plants flower, but it was, perhaps, in winter that I loved them best, when their skeletons were exposed. Then I felt they had more to say to me, were not simply dressing themselves for the crowds. Stripped of their leaves, their identities showed forth stark, essential.”
― Pamela Ehrens, The Understory

As we watch a pile of 99 meters of rope unravel over the course of the piece we follow the story of two people. From a couple of strangers' first awkward encounter to moments of beautiful intimacy we see the ups and downs of their relationship as they get to know each other deeply. As the performers allow themselves to be vulnerable, stripping down layer upon layer of protection, the rope outlines the path they share together, creating an ever changing landscape they journey through. A corde lisse transforms to a slackrope then into a cloudswing as this simple yet versatile set unfolds along with the story. Two carefully crafted costumes unfold layer by layer. The two performers start with their bodies bound and restricted, as the threads unravel their movements become freer, bigger and bolder, literally and metaphorically revealing what lies beneath, losing their inhibitions as their world expands.

Ockham’s Razors dynamic new outdoor work uses object manipulation and movement to look at what happens if we dare to truly meet someone. It is about how we have armoured ourselves emotionally, hiding beneath our layers and what follows if we strip them down, revealing parts of ourselves hidden and secret, sometimes wicked and unkind but often brave, wild and colourful. It’s about allowing the world to become unfamiliar, letting go of prefabricated ideas of self and the world we cling to. How going beyond the edge of our world can sometimes lead to the opening of another.

Current state of project

Some initial R&D has been carried out on the project, and the company has secured a commission as part of Circulate, partnering with Stratford Circus, who join Arts Depot as a supporting partner. The company is looking for rehearsal and creation space from October 2017, and the work will be ready for performance from late Spring/ early Summer 2018.

Looking for
Co-commissioning, Pre-bookings, Rehearsal Space

Set / rigging & technical details

The structure will be free-standing

Mix of Recorded and Live
Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour