Milton Lopes: Elephant

Work in Development

“Elephant…” is a ground breaking show, accessible to deaf and blind audiences, that focus on the story of a mixed race disabled man, using aerial circus and live music to ask questions such as the following: “Is identity defined first by race or by (dis)ability?”.

Mixed race population is the third largest ethnic minority in the UK. Yet, dual-heritage children are still consistently asked whether they see themselves as black, white or Asian, effectively removing from them the possibility that mixed race might be a healthy identity in itself. Despite being (or perhaps because they are) the visible face of the mixing of races, mixed raced people don’t own and don’t tell their own story. And this is a story worthy of telling.

Society wants to be uplifted by disability stories, not confronted or asked to adjust to the disability of ordinary people. In film, theatre and even daily life, disability is preferred as a metaphor rather than an everyday reality. This means that the disabled box is often only ticked in performing arts when there is a particular point to make. Few disabled performers exist, and even fewer are called to show their own point of view, free of expectations.

I am writing a script that shows the world through the point of view of a disabled mixed race performer that ticks so many boxes he ends up ticking none.

There is a vital urgency and necessity in this current climate to create quality work by us ""disabled artists"". This show aims to give a voice to a disenfranchised, and it’s our aim to tour to reach areas of low arts engagement. "

Current state of project

-In close conversation with all artists involved and aerial choreographer. All collaborators mentioned are on board

-working with producer to continue conversations with venues/supporters. So far :
National Centre for Circus Arts and Extraordinary Bodies (Cirque Bijou and Diverse City) are supporting general artist training
Jacksons Lane have offered support
-Seeking co-producers to engage & venues/festivals to book the show

Looking for
Artistic Mentoring, Marketing and Promotional Support, Pre-bookings, Production Support, Rehearsal Space, Residency Advice, Space in Kind, Tour Booking Advice

We would look for shorter outdoor version to premier at festivals in 2017 but the full length indoor show to premier and tour in 2018. Currently do not have location and date.
Development time, Space in kind, Funding advice, Advice around tour booking, Support with creating visual marketing & promo material

Set / rigging & technical details

Full details TBC
currently requires 4 rigging points, approx 6 meters from the ground

Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour