Max Calaf Seve: Anyday

Tour Ready
Max Calaf Seve, Anyday

Anyday takes its name from the daily life of a lonely character, Max. During the show, Max takes the audiences on a journey through his nomadic life, travelling from town to town, always in the company of his ‘bird’.

Together, they are about to start an epic journey to find freedom, and in doing so they will move from the absurd and comic to moments of sadness and discovery. Together, Max and his friend share their life with the audience and unveil a surreal and poetic new world.

The outdoor version of Anyday is tour-ready and can be played any time.

The indoor version of Anyday is currently on its first UK tour, playing to rural touring locations as well as small- mid-scale family venues. See website for more details.

A new development for Anyday will be access workshops, to allow audiences to enter Max's world and experiment further with what the show means to them by gaining first-hand experience of being within the piece, both in reality and metaphorically.

Looking for
Marketing and Promotional Support, Tour Booking Advice

Set / rigging & technical details

The trampoline is the core of the set. It has bamboo canes attached onto its structure, with props hanging from the canes.

Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
5 hours get-in / 90 mins get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour