Gandini Juggling: Spring

Work in Development

Gandini Juggling present their colourful new production "Spring" created in collaboration with an incredibly talented creative team including the phenomenal contemporary choreographer Alexander Whitley (associate of Rambert and New Wave associate at Sadler’s Wells), renowned & award winning Lighting Designer Guy Hoare and the celebrated urban composer Gabriel Prokofiev.
"Spring" is a kaleidoscopic show, visually arresting from the offset and vanguard throughout. An innovative cross art form experience, which challenge notions of movement and physicality, exploring the relationships between Contemporary Dance, Circus and Music.

photo here from 4x4 Ephemeral Architectures

Current state of project

Premier in late Jan - Feb 2018 in London, at the Peacock, follow by a UK tour, locations and dates to be announced.
French premier in April 2018 in Rouen, France.
German premier in Sept - Oct, location to be confirmed

Set / rigging & technical details

Final tech rider to be confirmed in July 2017. In the meantime, please find some details of the set/rigging below:
Most of our lighting will hang on the main lighting truss overhead and in some booms for sidelight at roughly 1.5m – 2m off the ground (3 or 4 booms on each side of the stage).
At the back of the stage we need to have both a white cyclorama (optional, a simpler version would be also available) and a black curtain. The white curtain can hang permanently but the black curtain needs to move up and down so that sometimes we only see black, sometimes we see only a very small opening of white, and sometimes we see the full height (6m - 7m). Truss, motors or pulleys would be needed to enable to rig this.
We will need to light the white cyclorama in three colours (red, green and blue). Depending on the material of the cyclorama: If it is plastic (PVC) we can put the cyclorama floods on the floor behind it but if it is cotton we will need to hang the cyclorama floods in front of the white cyclorama between the (black curtain and the white cyclorama).
Dance floor positioned central to the lighting truss is required.

Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
Day Prior / 2 hours
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour