Circus Geeks: Beta Testing

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Circus Geeks, Beta Testing

Beta Testing is a new kind of show – somewhere between a TED talk, a Heath Robinson demonstration, and a circus show.

Circus Geeks are a trio of young jugglers who use their fascination with throwing and catching to explore a logical approach to life, and to take a light-hearted look at awkward social situations and the misplaced fear of failure.

They’ll teach you the lingo, give you an insight into practicing the same trick over and over again, and show you why jugglers are terrified of fish.

Circus Geeks began life as a blog, set up after a late night conversation about juggling, art and how to make the perfect pizza.

The show will tour small-scale and rural touring venues across the UK in spring 2015.

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Residency Advice

Set / rigging & technical details

Free-standing projection screen, two tables and three chairs, plus a few small machines (juggling-club cannons etc). Beta Testing's set is very minimal and requires no rigging. When touring to venues with lighting, the company will require a house technician during the day and to operate a few lighting cues. When performing in rural touring venues, the company will supply and operate their own lighting.

Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
8 hours theatre / 5 hours rural touring get-in / 45 mins get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour