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Machine is a contemporary circus piece that explores the relationship between human and modern technology. The work initiated from the necessity to highlight the growing role of technology, especially the role of digital technology, in our human reality, and the ways that it changes both individuals and the society. Machine takes a critical approach to this progress so often taken for granted.

In the performance human bodies and technical devices are having a dialogue in a surrealistic landscape. Humane and digital, flesh and metal are seeking meanings to each other and to their own existence. Where one ends and the other begins? Who is the master and who is the slave? The dialogue is conducted with the help of a giant counterweight built with trusses, as well as tightrope walking, aerial acrobatics and object manipulation. Circus is delivered to the audience fresh and expressive merged with technical innovations.

The show premiered at La Brèche, France in November 2016.

Blind Gut Company was founded in 2015 by three Finnish circus artists: Inga Björn, Saana Peura and Tuomas Vuorinen. They are drawn to each other by their common desire to create bold and relevant circus that dares to take a stand and address current topics. The group trusts the performative potential of circus and blindly believes that they, with their work, can change the world. Machine is the first piece of Blind Gut Company.

photo credit: Esko Mattila and Oleg Kasatkin

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Set / rigging & technical details

Machine can be performed in a theatre space with frontal audience. The space is a black box or it can be darkened. Black side curtains and back drop are needed.

Aerial rigging points: Two trusses in height of 6 metres for rigging, each should be able to take 1000 kg.
Floor rigging points: Two rigging points 500 kg each, upstage, Two rigging points 500 kg each, downstage

One piece of 8 metres and other of 8,5 metres of 290x290mm quatro aluminium truss are needed for the counter-weight machine (in addition to the two rigging trusses).

Mix of Recorded and Live
Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
1 day get-in/ 4 hours get out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour