Bikes & Rabbits: Attack of the Cyclotrops

Ideas Stage Work

A sustainable immersive outdoor night time circus show around the theme of low budget science fiction with bicycles at the heart. The show including the discipline of trick cycling is coupled with an alternative pedal powered electricity generator activated by audience members to generate electricity for the show.

The Cyclotron is a pedal powered system activated by audience members that generates electricity for the requirements of the show. The device can also be used in different forms according to the needs of the festival/venue (projection of local video projects, technical platform for other shows, etc). We wish to raise awareness towards environmental issues thanks to a human powered alternative energy generator and offer green solutions to current technical and digital performance genres. This will allow us to be autonomous in our energy needs. Sustainability in the arts is an innovative challenge, whilst it is creating an entertaining show, a surrealist experience for the audience.
We wil build a minimum of 4 bicycles to be able to generate enough electricity for the musical instruments (Electric Guitar, Modular Synthetizer, Organ, etc) and sound system, the video projection, some small lights. The bicycles will fill up a battery as a security so that there still is electricity available when the cyclists swap over. Our aim is to be completely autonomous and sustainable in electricity to be able to perform anywhere and offer the Cyclotron as a platform for other events.

“Attack of the Cyclotrops” (working title) is a contemporary circus outdoor show playing with the expectations of audiences with invisible theatre. We will break down the barrier between the stage, the audience and the technician to create a ludic, immersive experience for the audience. The show will be advertised as a theatrical projection of a science-fiction movie presented by its director in the shape of a cycle-cinema using live music as soundtrack. The aesthetic is 60's-70's low budget science fiction movies, influenced by films such as Barbarella or Sprectreman.
The projection of the film will be set up to go wrong, giving many opportunities to play with the audience. The main character and the musican are incredibly clumsy, after interacting with the movie and disrupting the projection, they will deal with the different problems coming up. The performers will end up performing some parts on stage (juggling, trick cycling, slapstick). The technician will also be very present and have an active role as he is affected by the technical problems that will occur. He will also interact with the performers and the audience.
The stage space isn't marked properly, we are breaking the barrier between the stage, the audience and the technician. When at the end the video projection fails, the performers will move the audience to leave space in the centre for the trick cycling. The Cyclotron is placed behind the audience. The show will take place all over the space and into the audience, which will give a real immersive experience.

Current state of project

Company is currently organizing the creative process with all artists and collaborators.

Looking for
Co-commissioning, Pre-bookings, Rehearsal Space

Set / rigging & technical details

No rigging requirements.
Space of roughly 12m x 14m including the audience area as they are moving during the show.
The Cyclotron and technical desk is placed behind the audience. In front is the screen and the musical instruments.

Mix of Recorded and Live
Min width
Min depth
Min height
Full tech spec
Lighting plan
Get-in / get-out
3 hours get-in / 2 hours get-out
Requires tech support for get-in
Performers / crew on tour